City Manager


The role of the City Manager plays a crucial part in supporting the democratic processes of our representative government. Guided by the vision and objectives set by the City Council, the City Manager ensures that these aspirations are translated into actionable plans through effective management strategies.

Among the annual responsibilities is recommending a balanced annual budget to the City Council, which serves as a financial roadmap that delineates revenue sources and expenditure plans.

The City Manager acts as a liaison between the City Council and various municipal departments, ensuring they deliver responsive, efficient, and dependable services to residents while fostering a strong connection between residents and their local government.

Operating within the framework of the Council-Manager system, the City Manager, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, serves as the primary Administrative Officer. Tasked with overseeing day-to-day operations, the City Manager utilizes adopted ordinances, policies, and budgets to provide effective management, supervision, and leadership to municipal staff, thereby ensuring the cost-effective delivery of public services.


Scott Attaway
City Manager

101 West First Street
Lowell, NC 28098
Monday-Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
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