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Lowell Police Department has joined Neighbors

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We are excited to announce that the Lowell Police Department has joined Neighbors! While this app will not be monitored by law enforcement 24/7, Lowell PD can see crime and safety-related information posted on the Neighbors app. So, the more you post about critical events in your area, the more you can help your community.

911 should always be called first for assistance in an emergency, and our non-emergency number, 704-866-3300, should be called to report all other criminal activity.

If you are a Ring device owner, you are already part of the Neighbors community, but those with other camera systems can upload video to Neighbors once you download the app. Users of the app will be able to upload videos into the system which will notify your Neighbors community about safety-related information.

By working together, we can all make Lowell a safer community.

Get the Neighbors app for your device here

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