Lowell Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan


  • February 21, 2019, the City of Lowell’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Steering Committee held their first meeting. Over the next several months the city, assisted by this group, started developing a forward-looking plan for sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, and all forms of active transportation. The Plan would address citywide pedestrian needs like gaps in the sidewalk, safer ways to cross the street, and better ramps at street corners. The Pedestrian Plan outlines issues and proposes solutions to problems for pedestrians with the ultimate goal being safe, easy, and convenient pedestrian travel. In addition, the Plan would promote a pedestrian friendly environment where public spaces, including streets and off-street paths, offer a high level of comfort, convenience, efficiency, and safety within the city.
  • March 28, 2019, a public input meeting on the City's Pedestrian Plan was held. Attendees learned about the project, helped identify challenges, and told us what they find important to them as we developed this plan.
  • September 24, 2019, the City of Lowell and Holbrook Middle School hosted Lowell Community Night featuring the City of Lowell's Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan. Attendees learned about the various stages of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan and visited stations to learn more about the process, engagement results, recommendations, and priorities. Attendees also saw how community participation had been reflected in the plan to date.
  • February, 2020, North Carolina Division of Transportation approved the Lowell Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.
  • October, 2020, the Lowell Planning Board will make their recommendation on the Lowell Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan to present to the City Council and a public hearing will be set.
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