The Golden Egg

MarMarch 25 2024

Each day from March 25 until March 28, we will hide a Golden Egg somewhere around Lowell. We’ll post the clue and prize on Facebook and Instagram. Then, we want you to go find The Golden Egg!
The contest is open to teens and adults. To claim a prize, the winner must be at least 13 years old. The winner doesn’t have to be a Lowell resident. Clues will be posted at varying times each day on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to turn on notifications for our posts.
The Golden Eggs will not be hidden inside businesses or at private residences. Digging or climbing will not be necessary to find The Golden Egg.
If you find a Golden Egg, a code will be inside of it. You can call in or text the number listed inside the egg. Once we verify the code, we’ll let you know where to pick up your prize! We will also post in the comments of the daily post when that Golden Egg has been found.
Please respect all parks, facilities, and other areas you visit in your Golden Egg searches. This activity is meant to encourage everyone to get outside and explore the many great things that Lowell has to offer!
Happy Golden Egg Hunting!
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