Community Watch Meeting with the Lowell Police Department- February 27, 2024

FebFebruary 27 2024

6:00pm First Baptist Church of Lowell Fellowship Hall

400 W. First Street, Lowell, NC 28098

The Community Watch program is a crime prevention program that involves residents working with law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and victimization in their communities.

At these meetings, residents will learn about:

  • Protecting themselves and their property by using simple crime prevention practices.
  • Working with groups, community leaders, and law enforcement agencies to make our community safe.
Neighbors will also get to know each other so they can watch out for one another and act on or report suspicious activities.

Tuesday, February 27
Districts 2 & 3
First Baptist Church of Lowell; 401 W First St., Lowell, NC 28098

Residents, homeowners, and business owners/employees that operate in Lowell are encouraged to attend.
For questions about the district locations or questions/concerns to be addressed before the meeting, please contact Sgt Bowen at
For a district map, please refer to the event discussion or visit our Community Watch page on our website:
Save the dates for future Community Watch meetings:
Tuesday, March 26 at 6pm
District 4 & 5
First Baptist Church of Lowell
Tuesday, April 23 at 6pm
District 6 and anyone who couldn’t make it to the other meetings.
First Baptist Church of Lowell

Community Watch Program – Lowell, NC (

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