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McCord Family Park Master Plan

McCord Family Park will be located downtown in the grass lot across from Lowell City Hall and adjacent to A Classy Closet. The City of Lowell is excited for this upcoming open space park!

FeaturingGrass lot across from City HallMcCord Family Park Site Plan

  • walking path
  • benches
  • picnic tables
  • shade structure

It will be a great outdoor spot for downtown visitors and local business employees to enjoy their lunch breaks and this park will serve as a great programming space for small concerts, art festivals, outdoor fitness classes, and of course the home of the City’s Christmas Tree!

The City is leasing this property from the McCord Family, the City has also been leasing the gravel lot adjacent to the grass lot for many years which serves as a downtown public parking lot. This parking lot will continue to serve as a public parking lot as well as parking for McCord Family Park.

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