Fall Festival Vendor Registration


  • Vendor spaces: $15 for 10'x10' space
  • Vendor must have handmade, handcrafted, vintage, or boutique goods.
    • We are not accepting any additional vendors in the following categories: custom tumblers, Scentsy, Paparazzi, concessions, and food trucks.
  • Sponsorship opportunities are available that include a 10'x10' space at the festival.
  • No political organizations.
  • Food/Concession Vendors: please email tdellinger@lowellnc.com before submitting an application.
  • Please see our complete list of rules at the bottom of this application.
  • Share the event with your friends! The more people that know about our event, the more people that will shop with our vendors!

Application and Rules

Application Deadline

Vendor registration opens August 7. All vendor registration closes October 2. Vendor registration may close early due to space being full.

Accepted Vendor Types

  • Craft Vendors
    • Goods must be handmade, handcrafted, vintage, or boutique
  • Direct Sale Vendors
    • The City of Lowell reserves the right to limit direct sale vendors.  Please email tdellinger@lowellnc.com before submitting an application to ensure the direct sale vendor limit has not been reached.
  • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Vendor fees will be waived for non-profits. No political organizations or political committees.
  • Food and Concession Vendors
    • The City of Lowell reserves the right to limit the number of food trucks and concession vendors at each event. Please email tdellinger@lowellnc.com before submitting a food vendor or concessions application. Permit requirements for the County Health Department must be completed for food vendors and must be included with vendor application.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If your organization does not fall into one of the above categories, a sponsorship may be an option for your business or organization. For questions, please contact Tori Dellinger at tdellinger@lowellnc.com or call 704-315-8165.


Once you have been accepted as a vendor, no refunds will be issued for any reason. Submission of this application does not guarantee a space.

Applicants must submit (with their application) at least two (2) photos of your art or craft you plan to sell. We reserve the right to remove any items that have not been screened, are of poor quality, or are inappropriate. No application will be accepted without the complete application, photos, and fee. If your application is not approved, a refund will be issued. Vendors will be contacted with confirmation via e-mail. There are no guaranteed exclusives but we will try out best to not have duplicate vendors and/or items.

Restricted Items

  • The following items are banned from sale:
    • Any type of animal or pet, snap-N-pops, cap guns or rockets, crazy foam or silly string, stink bombs, knives, guns and/or any other weapons (including replica weapons.)
    • Any merchandise with profane or inappropriate language.
    • Only authorized food vendors are permitted to sell food and drinks.
    • Unauthorized sale of food/drink items will result in automatically closing your booth for the remainder of the event.


The event is located in downtown Lowell on E. First Street, between Groves Street and Main Street.

Space Assignments

All approved vendors will be assigned a space. All vendors must provide their own tent, tables, and chairs. The Parks & Recreation Department has sole discretion on placement and moving of vendor booths/stands. You must confine your business to the specific area you rent. There will be no soliciting, signage or handing out of written materials by any organization, groups, or individuals outside of the space that has been leased. Sales people and demonstrators are prohibited from operating in the aisles in such a way as to be a nuisance or interference to the public or to other vendors. The use of sound by public address systems, stereos, recorders, etc., to attract attention to your booth/stand must be approved by the Parks & Recreation Department.


Subleasing or any other type of transfer of contracted space is PROHIBITED. Once a space has been assigned, you will not be permitted to move to a different location without written permission from the Parks & Recreation Department.


Vendor set-up will start at 12:00pm, vendors will receive an email the week of the event where vendors will be required to choose an unloading time slot between 12:00pm and 2:15pm. If you arrive late, your space will not be available. Set up is not allowed after the event has started. Please unload your vehicle and immediately park your vehicle in the designated parking area; then return to your vendor space to complete your set up. Your space will be inspected for safety prior to the opening of the event.


Vendors are expected to leave the area you occupy as it was found it prior to set up. Please dispose of trash in the provided trash cans.


All vendors are expected to be on site during all hours of the event. Booth may not be dismantled until the festival closes at 7:00pm.


The City of Lowell reserves the right to accept or reject any application. We also reserve the right to remove any vendor that does not follow the rules and regulations as established for this event.


Lowell Parks and Recreation uses email for his primary source of communicating with vendors, please call 704-824-3518, option 4, if you are not receiving email updates. Failure to comply with rules/regulations/updates sent via email will result in dismissal from the event. It is the vendor's responsibility to regularly check email for important updates.


Illegal substances, vaping, and the use are tobacco products are not allowed inside the festival area. Any vendor or patron found under the influence or in possession of illegal substances will be required to leave the premises immediately. Vendors that have been removed from the event will not be allowed access on the property for the duration of the event and will be subject to arrest. No refunds will be given to anyone who is removed from the property.


Power hookup will not be available for vendors.


If you have any questions about the Lowell Fall Festival, please contact Lowell Parks & Recreation at (704) 315-8165 or email Tori Dellinger, tdellinger@lowellnc.com. Visit us online at www.lowellnc.com

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