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Boards and Committees

  1. Board Committee Appointment Application

    The City of Lowell appreciates your interest in serving on a Board/Committee and requests that you complete the following application.... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Bob Bolick Park Survey
  2. Music in the Park Vendor Registration (August 20, 2022)

    - Free vendor registration for our Music in the Park series. - Please see our complete list of rules at the bottom of this... More…

  1. Harold Rankin Park Survey
  2. Suggestion Form for New Classes, Programs, or Events

    Please let us know if you have any ideas for programs, classes, or special events.

Public Works

  1. Public Comment for System Development Fee Study
  1. Report An Issue/Pollution Regarding Storm Water

    Please fill out the electronic form to report an issue or pollution regarding the storm water in the City of Lowell. This form will be... More…

Utility Customer Service

  1. Automatic Draft Form
  2. Pool Filling Adjustment Form
  3. Termination of Water Service
  1. New Service Application

    Please complete this application for new service and contact Customer Service at 704-824-3518 (option 1) after you have submitted your... More…

  2. Request for Sewer Adjustment Due to Leak

    Request for Sewer Adjustment Due to Leak


    Truck rental request for self-service bulk loading.